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5 years ago, I travelled to San Francisco to do my Forrest Yoga training with Ana Forrest – a suitcase full of the usual: black yoga pants, grey yoga pants, black yoga bras, grey ones, black tankinis…you guessed it, grey ones too! The first thing we were told was that under no circumstance was black to be worn. I had to go shopping. Do you think, that in San Francisco, with all the huge brands packed around Union Square I could find some colourful (and comfy!) yoga gear???.

Fast forward 5 years and I am launching my online shop selling Liquido Active – probably the world’s most amazing and colourful yoga gear!

I have been wearing Liquido Active for almost 3 years now, dabbling in other brands, BUT NOTHING comes close to the quality, vibrancy, feel and comfort of Liquido’s gear. It is AMAZE.zing. And it feels like I am wearing a breathable second skin. The leggings and tops have a supreme softness and flatterring fact, they’ll make you feel better just by putting them on! From 7/8 to extra long, ultra high waists and bra tops that don’t restrict your chest when you’re breathing deeply….Liquido have got it all right. All of it.

Forrest Yoga is an amazing ‘tester’ for clothing, as practice is strong, sweat inducing, and very powerful: we’re up on our hands, down on our knees, down on our bellies – the gear I wear has to sustain my 3 hour morning practice, and teaching 6 days out of 7. Liquido’s Gear holds up – and then some! These days, I am dressed head to toe in Liquido Active – and wow, does it turn heads when I pop to the store.

Liquido’s not just for yogis. It’s for HiiT workouts It’s for runners. It’s for pilates sessions. It’s for gym sessions and classes in the aerobics studio! It’s for looking awesome popping to the shops! Or, just take your leisurely stroll to another level and wear a little sunshine! This is eco sportswear on a whole other level!

Kick start your workout with something from Liquido Active…and enter a whole new realm of what it means to buy and wear workout gear.

And don't forget, EVERY SINGLE PRINT is a LIMITED EDITION. When they're gone, they're gone!

If you see something online that’s out of stock or not available in your size, please reach out to me. I’ll do my utmost to make sure that the Liquido love lands on your doorstep!

Happy shopping!

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