LIVE! Online Classes


*Body*Mind*Soul* Transformation

***the photograph of me is called ‘Jaguar’ – the Jaguar symbolizes the ‘guide through the darkness and chaos.’ Let me be your Jaguar***

What a time we are in.

Grappling with politics to viruses, how do we face the world we’re living in? A difficult conversation.

And the more media we consume without having self-care tactics at the ready, the more vulnerable we become to stress, despair and overwhelm.

Our voices. Our physical health. Our mental health. Our emotions. Our wellbeing. Matter. Deeply.

*I am proposing a radical act of self care: unroll your mat & let’s move and breathe together, LIVE! online in Zoomdom.*

My online class timetable is your go to place for self-care and expand your capacity to handle the world. There are strong, cleansing Forrest Yoga classes and Forrest Yoga classes with the volume turned down a notch (long classes, short revitalising classes, somewhere in the middle classes); Restorative Forrest Yoga Inspired Classes; Absolute Beginner’s Forrest Yoga classes; Prenatal and Postnatal classes suitable for every trimester, post partum, and great if you haven’t practiced in a little while and want to ease back into your practice; there are Forrest Yoga Abs challenges and dawn silent intensives; there are self-care classes filled to overflowing with self massage and acupressure; there’s Yoga Nidra meditation…and one to ones for those of you who would like some foccussed together time, or have a particular injury/issue you’d like to work with.

SO much colour! SO much to choose from!!

All Classes are designed for ALL LEVELS – modifications, up-levels, down-levels will be given.

Class passes for the entire month or for a week are available giving you access to EVERY SINGLE CLASS on the timetable – you will make a huge saving financially as well as honour your commitment to your physical health and mental well being.

There’ll also be some *free* classes to help inspire you to connect with your practice.

If you need help in where and how to begin, reach out to me: or 07808 199665.

For corporate bookings to help maintain your teams performance and mental health whilst working from home, please email me:

For group and bubble bookings, contact me: