Teacher Spotlight


Symi can’t imagine life without yoga. Her journey changed after a life-changing (enhancing) diagnosis a handful of years ago. Forrest Yoga touched her body, mind and soul, offering her strength to face her fears and a platform from which she could make life-changing decisions. Forrest Yoga resonated so deeply within her, her essence, her very being and even today, her personal practice is still changing her life in ways she had never expected. Realizing the incredible benefits of Forrest Yoga, she quit her job and decided to become a Forrest Yoga teacher, knowing she wanted to offer something that she believed in wholeheartedly, to others.

Symi completed the Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in San Francisco in the spring of 2015, and is now teaching full-time. Her studies in biodynamic massage and body psychotherapy continue, as does her desire for living life in full colour, right to the edges, making the ‘most alive choice’ at every given opportunity.

As a child, she loved art. Music. Paintings. Reading – Stories. Language. Your body is one such story. And the child in me still loves to create, to tell stories, to help you tell your story. Let Forrest Yoga help you feel for you’re the stories in you body. (You) seen, changes your relationship. With Everything.

Our lives are filled with moments where we choose to leap or stay put. And there’s no substitute for following your dream and doing what you love…. and whatever you do out of love has a future. My commitment to this magnificent practice, this way of being, is stronger than ever….SYMI

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